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Thread: Pummel March 2017 - ReggieR3mote vs Juggertha - She-Hulk

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    Pummel March 2017 - ReggieR3mote vs Juggertha - She-Hulk



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    Good job you guys!
    Reggie got the nice traditional markers going on, great finish and rendering!

    Juggertha, what a comeback! Love the oldschoolpaper texture you laid over the whole thing! SheHulk packs a punch, one of my faves this month!
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    Nice one Juggs...
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    Both pieces have some anatomy issues but Reggies' was charming. I could see that version in one of the younger-aimed magazines Marvel sometimes does or something like Superhero Squad.
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    Thanks Pell for posting the poll (sorry it was getting late that night). Juggs, great looking piece as always, that'd be a great layout for a cover.
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    Since I seem to be on the side of the Underdog here, I wanted to voice my support for Reggie out loud. xD

    Both look great, Juggertha had a great comic book cover thing going on, and ALOT of effort obviously went into it. but I felt Reggie's was just, in my personal opinion, more of an aesthetically pleasing style.

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