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Thread: Mole Man Sketch (For Kirby 100)

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    Your Moloids have tangents with the cape and creature. Their positions or poses need to be adjusted.
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    Thanks Sym, I scrapped those moloids, I plan to play with adding some more, but as a palette cleanser i tried some coloring of the piece.

    My color style is one thing i really need to work on, my work tends to be very saturated. i also rarely do as much "ink/pencil" rendering (hatching) and rely more on gradient/airbrush, "water color brush" to blend the darker colors, but i feel like with the hatching/rendering i feel like that should be done less. if im going to color i should probably look into adding more (some) shadows to mole man himself, as is i have some airbrush darks and lights splashed lightly but im not sure its working.

    Anyway, im not great at coloring so pleas tear this apart and hurl me in some direction xD

    (also if less saturated version is preferred ill, probably still spot-brighten things like Giganto's eyes... speaking of anyone have any suggestions for coloring (hi light/shading) giant friggin eyes and making them look decent?

    *ramble ramble ramble.... ill just post now*


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