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    Yeah, I know, you've probably expected to see the TopCow Darkness but instead here is a lil fun fanart thingy that I've been working on in my free time.

    It's Dustiness Ford Lalatina aka Darkness from Konosuba. She is a wannabe crusader that desperately tries to function as a tank in her a party and she is also kinda a masochist that likes to be abused.

    C&C are welcomed.

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    Open for commissions and work....PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basilisk View Post
    "Photo not found"
    Ok, weird. How about now?


    Open for commissions and work....PM me.

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    Yup! working now!

    I like the coloring alot, I'm not familar with the source material at all so i went looking since you mentioned she was a tank, and while the anime is definately guilty of "boobplate" your rendition doesn't even look like plate/armor. Up top, dunno if that was the intention but throwing my two cents into the zone.

    Regardless of that its looking good and far better than i could do :P xD

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    It looks great so far. The rendering is really good and it pops. The color scheme is pleasing to the eye. As someone who is unfamiliar with the character, when looking at it I have a bit of cognitive dissonance because the face looks young girlish but the body is obviously very womanly. But that's textbook anime so--take what you will from that lol.

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    Love the coloring. I also had to search her up. And i can't decide if the anime version has real armor or fake armor costume..(altough there are fanpics that made it metal armor.. )

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    Thank you for all the comments and suggestions guys.

    I don't know much about the manga version, but for those unfamiliar with the character, here is her anime version. She is supposed to be in her early 20s or so, but even in the anime her appearance changes quite a bit. She has a solid boobplate and admittedly, Ive enhanced her chest area a bit so it looks even less like an actual armour plate now. :P

    BTW. Shes probably the only reason why I watched that anime at all, as I absolutely hated the completely retarded and whiny main character and most of the other supporting characters as well.


    Open for commissions and work....PM me.

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    Great rendering skills, you really pulled off the right color tones


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