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Thread: Eddie of the realms eternal

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    Eddie of the realms eternal

    hey folks. i worked on this pilot a while back and put together a reel of some shots i animated.

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    I very much enjoyed your work, going to spent a good half hour watching your stuff on your vimeo.
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    Thanks guys!
    Damn, Seithe. now i cant post anything else, because you've seen it all

    More will come, but i cant show the most recent work ive done yet.

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    Really captures the magic of animation while giving a glimpse on all the hard work that goes into it!
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    One of my dearest hopes for the future of TV and cinema is that there will always be a place for classical animation. Keep up the good work! If I was 15 years younger I would be trying to do what your doing now.
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    i dunno how old you are, but i had a teacher once who didnt get into animation until his 40s. its never too late. you learn a lot about movement and well staged shots that can be for illustration too.


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