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Thread: X-Men portfolio pages

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    X-Men portfolio pages

    Hey Guys, Here are some sample pages I did over the weekend.
    Would love to hear what you guys think.

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    Great looking pages! There are some places that feel odd. Very last panel looks like she is standing on the panelborder and on higher ground than the two on the foreground.similar thing in p3p3, cyclops and the guys in the back look dwarfish. Great rendering and overall very appealing. There are some nitpicks here and there, some poses feel a bit forced, like the birdguy landing in p3p2 but that are minor quibs for me. I think you will be getting some nice feedback for these.
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    Pete covered my only gripe which is the proportions being off.

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    Drawings are attractive, storytelling reasonably clear, perspective shows some understanding on the subject but, you haven't thought it through all the way.

    1- As things recede into the distance they get smaller, narrower. What you call a brick is closer to 20 bricks. The sides of your buildings are 3-4 buildings wide.

    2- If the VP is where you say, we can't see the buildings at right. Sidewalk is far too narrow. Cars are tiny. Floors are half-sized.

    3- Watch your angles. If the Sentry is bent over with his chest parallel to the ground and his back to the sky, and you said this is so, then they must remain so as he gets hit. If the blast comes from above, and you said it does, then the blast must come from above not the side.

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    Hey guys, thank you so much, all this feedback is super helpful, and spot on. I can totally see those problems, I'll have to up my game. Also it means a lot to get feedback from you Paul Smith! You're work on X-Men changed my world.


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