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Thread: Aphrodite IX

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    Aphrodite IX

    sketch wip

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    Yeah. Breasts are not drawn correctly. And by fixing them you also fix the tangent it's creating with her leg. Win/win.

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    Yeah.. the no bra hanging boobs were the first thing that came in to my focus, and they scream to look at them

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    Not to make this a breasts-only thread, but if she was standing up they'd be down to her navel. Maybe shrink them?

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    thanks guys ive taken your advice on board, I just finished the inks now

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    Really nice work and a nice solid piece but i think if you reverse the arms so that her left arm is resting on her left knee with her right hand holding her left bicep it would make the pose work more. If you get into the pose yourself you'll see its not a great position to be in.
    I hope you don't mind, but, i did a quick draw over to show what i mean.

    And just looking at it again, i think a better fix would be to change the legs around so that the leg closest to us is raised (her right leg) which i think would work better for the piece (and not obscure the boobies!)

    Hope my ramblings make some kind of sense and help you out! Again, really great work here and the composition really helps sell the feelings of the pose!

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    thanks jedichicken. I like your idea, although if I did it that way im sure I would have been called out on how she should be holding the gun with her right hand. I appreciate the drawover though, I cant redraw this now as my tablet in layman's terms is a piece of shit and its not very precise. I may have a go at colouring it though.

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    made a start on some colours

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    Where is her left arm? It looks like the hand resting on her right arm is disconnected from anything. Perhaps you could add the left arm in as a dark shape just below the right arm? I know about shitty tablets, but that shouldn't be too complex to pull off.


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