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Thread: Another penciled page from "The Monster Within"

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    Another penciled page from "The Monster Within"

    Perspective on the first panel is off. I will be reworking a bit before inking.

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    By placing the VP too close to the left frame you introduce considerable distortion towards the right. The oven, to a degree, but especially the sink, have footprints too deep. Because of VP placement, narrowing the footprints to an acceptable degree will distort the tops making them look unnaturally shallow. Moving the VP towards center, or well outside the frame and adding a second VP, will solve the problem.

    Everything fits in a box. Start the table by drawing the footprint of it's box. Build up the box, determine the top and build your ellipse inside it... or try a 30 guide (here it's about 45)

    Panel 3 is a bit wonky: Slight downshot on the eyes, extreme upshot on the nose, level shot on the mouth...

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