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Thread: The Trump Who Stole the Election

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    The Trump Who Stole the Election

    I hesitated to post this here because I'm not trying to start a political debate, nor am I trying to offend anyone. I just really want some feedback on the image.

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    It's pretty well done as an image. My only crit is that the face could look a bit more like Trump, but I get that you're doing a riff off of the Grinch. The lower right quadrant feels a bit vacant. Maybe you could extend the text down a bit further. Or instead of having the note from Putin on the bag you could have him partially visible behind the curtain--peeking out from underneath or pulling the flag back from the right. But regardless I think it looks good as is.

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    I agree, more trump in the face and a smug Putin in the shadows

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    Not asking for an explanation of your views (trying to keep this apolitical) but, have you thought this through? The Grinch saved Christmas, Whoville and Cindy Lou Who; The Grinch was the hero. Trump didn't steal anything, we gave it to him and that's on us so again, this sets him up as the hero. That's not an American flag; star field is 9 rows x 11 columns, 13 stripes, red at top and bottom.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I'll fix the flag since I still have access to Photoshop. Can't really fix the figure or add another since I had to return the iPad Pro for financial reasons. The joke doesn't hold up much, no, but I did it on a lark after an off the cuff remark by Penn Jillette in November. It's not born of deeply held views. Who knows, maybe Trump can become the hero too if his heart grows 3 sizes.

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    You should put Kellyanne in there as Cindy Lou Who.

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    I fixed the Flag.


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