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Thread: character concept art

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    character concept art

    been messing around with some character designs for a comic idea

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    Beware of stiffness. While many talk of the "line of action," life is an "S." Weight/counterweight, balance/counterbalance. Remember your perspective.

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    Smitty got ahead of me... she looks a litlle out of balance. Made you a sketch...
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    Because you titled this Characer Concept Art I have to both immediately reminded and look like existing characters.

    Dolphin from DC and the speedster from GenX. Also Fathom.

    I would suggest pushing the design more, so it has it's own look and personality.
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    Thanks for the advice and drawovers there, I didn't expect that much help on this so thanks . On symsons point all I have to say is ****!, I didn't know about those other characters. I know about fathom I am a big Michael turner fan but I didn't know about the other two, that dolphin character almost looks exactly the same. I don't know how much different I can make the character look at this stage. Later on her appearance will change when the story goes deeper into her origin.

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    Ok so ive amended the first piece, man I wish I went digital. Redrew her legs so she's properly balanced now also changed her facial expression reacting to the water, also shortened her hair

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    Improved the second drawing a bit, I didn't go exactly go with the same perspective you did Smitty because I really didn't want to redraw her face. it took me so long to get that angle on her face the first time but I did tighten up the rest of the anatomy and added in the dolphins

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    Because you've employed Anti-perspective, red commie, Skippy Perspective (as in your evil twin brother Skippy) rather than real, honest, true blue perspective, we find that, if we shift our view from side to front, as indicated by the black arrow, that our heroine is not leaping straight out of the water as shown by the small blue figure but, rather, she's flopping on her side as shown by the small red figure. (eek)

    If you'll drop her right shoulder further and lift her left arm upwards you'll have an excuse for the unintentional curve you've used.

    Watch yer waist. The female waist is above the navel.

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    Thanks smitty I'll get round to fixing this soon. I want to do one more sketch of the character in her complete underwater outfit as well.

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    heres and update on the same character


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