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Thread: March Ranked Matches!

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    Looking forward to next month!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pell View Post
    Here are the VERY TEMPORARY April 2017 Ranks. Note some close matches are still open, and I don't know if everyone listed will be in for April. Please chime in if you're out or if you'd like in. These ranks account for wender1's street fight win by disqualification.

    1 Dan3000
    2 Aabh

    3 battlewraith
    4 CrazyMobius

    5 Josem
    6 Archerion

    7 Jeloschi
    8 Metsuke

    9 Ellybobo
    10 GullyFoyle

    11 Diesel
    12 pell

    13 MLaw
    14 Spiderguts

    15 Hangman
    16 solanki

    17 RonB
    18 Pete Tha Creep

    19 Sedani
    20 WILLETT

    21 wender1
    22 Marcelino

    23 Seithe
    24 MetaAbe

    25 JC Immortal
    26 Juggertha

    27 Symson
    28 ReggieR3mote
    29 Darth Davis
    ETA on an official ranking?
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    RonB, got it. Come back when you can.

    I'll post the April thread later tonight. Is anybody else in or out?

    Edit: MLaw, there are some changes. WILLETT and RonB are out so far.

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    I'm in sorry about not showing...I really need to get my sh*t together!! I'm in still
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    Quote Originally Posted by JC Immortal View Post
    I'm in sorry about not showing...I really need to get my sh*t together!! I'm in still
    I'm excited for it to be me and you again, bud.
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