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Thread: March Ranked Matches!

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    March Ranked Matches!

    Here they are, the ranks for March!
    Congrats to Battlewraith for Gaining the #1 slot!
    Last month had a lot of knockout-pieces and I see that some veterans are rejoining the ranks! Welcome back guys! So spring is bound to get kicked off with some great pieces!

    All topics MUST be posted in this thread. They will be chosen by the higher ranked fighter. If they are not posted here by the 3rd, the next ranked fighter can choose the topic and post. Everyone plz check in. If you do not check in by the 4th, you will be removed from the match ups. Deadline: March 25th, 23:59 NYC time

    There are only 3 ways to submit your entry:
    Post it in this thread
    PM your pic to pell or Pete Tha Creep
    Email it to:

    If you would like to drop out or join back in, please announce it in this thread. Thanks.
    And now to business:

    Main Match: Thunderbolts
    Defending Champion:

    With a track record of 2 KOs for eerie and strangely sexy Illustrations, battlewraith is a veteran of the pummel ladder. His trademark rendering in digital media has brought many a good fighter to their demise!
    Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up fooorr:

    1 battlewraith (2/0/0/2)


    Also a seasoned pummel fighter, Dan3000 is known for his traditional pencil skillz, great storytelling and the ability to churn out killer pieces when you least expect it! Attention to detail is guaranteed!
    Put your hands together foooor:

    2 Dan3000 (2/0/0/1)

    The ladder:

    "Putting on pants!"

    3 Aabh (1/1/0/0)
    4 CrazyMobius (1/1/0/0)

    5 Archerion (0/2/0/0)
    6 Jeloschi (2/0/0/2)

    7 Ellybobo (1/1/0/1)
    8 Josem (3/0/0/2)

    Wonder Woman

    9 Diesel (0/2/0/0)
    10 Metsuke (1/1/0/0)

    East of West
    11 GullyFoyle (0/2/0/0)
    12 MLaw (1/0/0/0)

    Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    13 pell (1/1/0/0)
    14 Hangman (0/2/0/0)

    Turok, Dinosaur Hunter
    15 RonB (1/1/0/1)
    16 Spiderguts (2/0/0/2)


    17 Sedani (1/1/0/0)
    18 solanki (1/1/0/0)

    19 Pete Tha Creep (0/3/0/0)
    20 wender1 (1/1/0/1)

    The Sandman
    21 WILLETT (1/1/0/0)
    22 MetaAbe (1/0/0/0)

    Moon Knights

    23 Marcelino (0/1/1/0)
    24 JC Immortal (0/1/1/0)

    The Joker
    25 Seithe (1/0/0/0)
    26 Symson (0/1/0/0)

    27 ReggieR3mote (0/0/0/0)
    28 Juggertha (0/0/0/0)
    29 Darth Davis (0/0/0/0)

    21 Walril (0/1/0/0)
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    Hangman, let's do The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I'm going to do sequentials this time.

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    K. It's actually the 2nd time I've gotten this topic for PUMMEL.

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    Well seeing as were going for round 2 Symson I'll let you pick the topic.
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    Checking in. Solanki Let's do wolverine
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    Checking in.
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    Checking in...

    I usually liase with my opponent to settle on a subject that is mutually beneficial. I tried PMing MetaAbe, but his post count unables him to receive any. So f*ck him, we're doing The Sandman! I'm also doing sequentials.
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    Juggs! Looking forward to battling with you, wanna do a she-hulk?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sedani View Post
    Checking in. Solanki Let's do wolverine
    Cool. All the best.

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    Checking in and deferring topic pick to Spiderguts.


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