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Thread: judge dredd.... practise of violence...

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    judge dredd.... practise of violence...

    wow.. been a long time....

    found the "cycle of violence" script on the 2000ad-site and tried working from it for personal practise.
    i didn't send it in or something...
    i actually didn't care much for comics the last few years... but some weeks ago the old love suddenly came back.
    i kinda grew up reading 2000ad comics.. so playing around with this script was a lot of fun!

    any crit would be highly appreciated.

    if the images won't show up:

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    Dude! These are pretty good! I like your storytelling and pacing. And your world feels really consistent with the 2000AD feel.
    I'd say your figure skills need a bit of work, though. The proportions are a little inconsistent across pages and the uniforms and clothing feel a bit wonky. Minor stuff overall though, these are really strong!

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    Awesome work. If you ever want to work on a project I think you would be a great artist. I have a post apocalyptic series I am working on and it is similar to 2000 AD style Cursed Earth stuff. Great work.

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    hey, thanks for your comment and the kind words. yeah.. i totally see what you mean with the figures and uniforms. i had the biggest struggles with the shoulder-chicken....

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    thanks man!! working on a different project right now... and trying hard to be a great artist..

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    @ Arne S. You are a GREAT artist. I am in awe. Keep it up!

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    wow, i love some of these panels. very powerful. my only crit is wonky hand proportions on toilet swirlie panel and shot kneecap panel

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    Joseph Dredd
    thanks! yeah.. the toilet panel.. i redrew it several times and i'm still not happy with it.

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