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Thread: new Ghost Rider VS Punisher

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    Much better angle but there are still issues with cropping, composition and perspective.

    If we move the frame right to include Punisher's elbow we achieve a far better sense of balance.

    Your wall suggests at least 3 different horizons. The Punisher's body introduces several more. The alley has a pronounced downward curve.

    Scale is out the window. If the alley width is correct then GR is only as tall as the red figure or the alley is several blocks long and we need cross streets.

    There's much to like in your figure work, characters and expressions; You need to bring your environments up to the same level.

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    I feel the 3rd vanishing point adds some drama. I was taking some artistic license with the narrow alley way, perhaps too much!
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    PS: Thank you for the encouraging comment about my figure work and expressions
    And thank you and Veritas for helping me see the error of my ways. I'll fill a big sketchbook
    with environment background drawings, done on the spot. It'll give me a good excuse to get out of the house.
    In addition I think I'll study some of the European masters who take there backgrounds very seriously.
    "Not a day without drawing" - Adolf von Menzel

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    Got a chance to make some time to work on this.
    Pun looks much closer to what I had in my head
    May just clean this up digitally and call it done.
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    oodles of improvement over the first one, no doubt.
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    Thanks, Juggertha It takes me a while to get warmed up to superheros since 95% of my work doesn't call for that.
    Ideally Id like it to feed off each other.
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    You gotta watch GR's left leg. In every iteration it puts him on a different perspective relative to everything else. If it's angled behind the right, then there should be more bend and the foot shouldn't be landing on the same plane as the right foot. Based on the knee pad of the right leg, there is some foreshortening issues with the thigh as well. That, coupled with the extremely malnourished left leg is killing his stance, imo.
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    I see your point amadarwin, never let it be said that I don't incorporate feedback Well I try anyways..
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    Your complete lack of perspective continues to kill what would otherwise be delightful work.

    The reason we establish an horizon is to make EVERY OTHER ASPECT of the drawing the complete slave to that horizon. You've simply drawn a meaningless arbitrary line and then ignored it while assigning dozens of other horizons which you ignore as well. That's 5D, or Dada and it's killing you.


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