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Thread: cartoon type drawings

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    cartoon type drawings

    Here are a few more cartoon-type styled drawings. I always would like them a little more realistic somehow, but not sure how to approach it. But drawing's always fun, so I keep at it. Any points of improvement are more than welcome.

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    Those are very characterful.. I think if you want more realism, I believe rendering will be your friend.. Either via shading or during the coloring stage... whichever is more appealing. Either way, I like your work
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    Fun stuff as always. The guy's lower body on the first piece, looks more female then male to me, his crotch, big hips, skinny legs and small feet point that way.
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    Thanks MLaw and Josem. Josem - always appreciate your comments (your work is amazing!). I agree with what you say, but I did it on more or less on purpose (like the crotch, just thought it might be happily confusing). Maybe I shouldn't, and then it would come over better. And again - it's a struggle, so I try to find a style that seems in balance.

    MLaw - I do try to do colours more involved, but find it hard to pull off. You mention shading, and I'd love to do that better - with the ink, to add more volume and "oemph" to the drawings. Like a more realistically inked cartoon (that's how I want it in my head) but it often turns out less than impressive. I find it hard to "loosen up" sometimes, maybe that might help.

    Thanks again for taking the time.

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    I really dig your color sense and your quirky characters. Part of the charm in your work is the understatement.
    Drawing a ellipse around the characters feet helps to plant the feet and give it more

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    I love your work man. I understand the desire to go more realistic, but the level of style you have here--and the fact that it's consistent--is something I have a really hard time achieving. I wish I could pull it off because these are funny, detailed without being overly complicated, they read well, and you didn't have to worry about color gradiations, subsurface scattering, luminosity, etc.

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    I love how unique and skillful your art is. The clean lines and color choices make your pieces have a real pop to them. It makes my eyes really want to breakdown the designs

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    I'll pipe in only because you asked. Your stuff is so delightfully and solidly quirky you're in the camp that gets to make it's own rules.

    Watch your hand angles. You are your own best model. Hold out your arm and bend the hand sideways so the thumb points forward. Note how uncomfortable that is. Now hold your arm out "normally," casually, thoughtlessly and see how a line that starts at the elbow and through the middle of the wrist goes out the hand either through, or between, the index or bird fingers. Bend the wrist up or down but, when you bend it sideways it goes into death curl, zombie, monsterland.

    To avoid the pinched crotch, camel-toe look remember the character's crotch and the crotch of the pants are two very different things. Keep folds to the back leg.

    In all three of these the back foot is consistently low. The angle between feet could be increased.

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    Thanks a lot for the words and advice.

    Youngatart - that is a good idea, my shadows aren't always that well put together. I find shadows very difficult, and have a hard time making them up to look right. In that first picture - I drew his shadow but noticed doing the same for the monster would be kind of a problem. So I just kept his, but a more modest approach might have worked better (it doesn't make a lot sense the way it is now, maybe).

    Battlewraith and MetaAbe - thanks for the kind words. Keeping it simple does save things like colour choices. I love the drawing and inking part, but the computer part is sometimes less fun. I bought a Wacom tablet years ago, thought I'd try to learn but never use it. It's amazing how some people can colour in a drawing, but it's beyond me. But am happy that the simplicity adds to the clarity, it is nice to hear.

    Smitty - I always learn from your posts and thanks for taking the time to do the drawings. You highlight more or less the things I find most difficult, actually. I've been working on my hands for the past few years and can re-draw a hand twenty or thirty times and it'll stil be off it seems. My drawings aren't too dynamic, so I'm usually satisfied after a while. But a foreshortened hand as in your example - I keep at it, but it's never quite right. Which does make the pose less natural, I agree.

    And pants and legs - thanks for the advice. Sometimes I think I have to keep inking wrinkles or it's too plain, I'll try to think about the wrinkles just for the rear leg. And how you did the shorter leg - it's kind of an eye-opener. I usually don't do much perspective in my figures - everything is kind of straight-on, like cartoons - but just seeing it like this makes it a lot more dramatic. Something I will try right away, thanks again for the advice.

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    Again, I only brought these things up because you mentioned "realistic." A great deal of your works charm is it's sense of Dada.

    Mr Fish is a perfect example. While my notes on weight/counterweight, balance/counterbalance are "correct," they lead to a more realistic Humphrey Bogart type pose and would lose the delightfully demented Pee Wee Herman quality you've captured.

    In your case, learning the "proper" way would be best only in the sense that you now know the rules you want to shatter. The more we understand the rules, the easier it is to toss them in the trash effectively.


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