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Thread: William's inks for new portfolio

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    William's inks for new portfolio

    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first time posting in here in this section. I have been working on a new portfolio and will start posting them in here as I get them done.



    First image
    Pencils: Carlos Zuniga
    Inks: William Wolford

    Second image
    Pencils: Rob Liefeld
    Inks: William Wolford

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    Inks look good to my eyes, I can find no crits to give. And, damn, no one can deny that Liefeld could put energy on the page.

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    Thanks Joseph for taking a look at my work. Yeah Rob Liefeld is a great artist. There is a lot of energy in his pencil work and tried to keep that in the inks.

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    Looks really good, very smooth. It might be fun to see the Liefeld page with heavier lines/more definition, more blacks. Might not be in the spirit of the original, perhaps, but would add to the clarity and dynamics. I would have also fixed that one eye, lower-left panel - it seems off. But quite nice stuff, comes really good over.

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    I second shaw on this. The line work in the second sample is very smooth, gorgeous, and full of energy but adding more blacks would help a lot to take the intensity to the next level.


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