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Thread: Highlands page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josem View Post
    i dont think that's a horse!... iaque, maybe...
    Thanks for the clarification - en dfbovey as well. I had my doubts as to the kind of animal (kind of assumed the horns were perhaps a type of armour) and the dip of the back and build of the animal in panel three made me decide to call it a horse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dfbovey View Post
    Thanks everyone.

    Yeah, that isn't any "real" animal. But kind of a mountain buffalo.
    I heard they are going to clone Wool Mammoths soon, so there's some nice ref coming your way for future mountain beasts

    Really nice page, I think it works really good! I would pick up that book, if I saw it lying around in my LCS.
    For a special edition with sime sketches etc I would put out 20 bucks easily.
    Love that old school feel of the watercolors. This is the kind of comics that got me hooked on the medium in the first place! Top that art off with a great story and you got something really special here.
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    Thanks Pete, I'm having fun with it.

    Here's another page in progess...

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