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Thread: Spider-man samples

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    Spider-man samples

    Hey everyone! Here are my latest sample pages. I worked really hard on them and I'd love to know what you all think about them! I'd greatly appreciate any advice you could give me. Thanks for looking.

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    I think the draftsmanship is good. One thing I would try to work on.. when there's a punch landing (on spidey), try to really exaggerate the hit. At the moment it just looks like an arm next to him. He should be reeling from the blow. Get a strong line of action on Spidey for those and really open it up. I think that carries across to a couple of other panels too. Get some bend in the spine and offset the collar and hips.. As well drawn as this is, it also feels a bit rigid.. which is the polar opposite of Spidey. One other thing.. a couple of spots where the figures are smaller, the proportions are off a bit. It really stands out to me because of how well the rest of the figure work is done.
    Anyway, I can tell you put a lot of work in, thanks for sharing. Hope my crits help.
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    Just did this sample myself!

    1/1 - I'd make the portal that Spot's arm is coming through a little bigger to match the one in the background, and make it more obvious. Also I'd put more spots everywhere.

    Try not to break panel borders unless it's absolutely necessary.

    Some stiff figures here and there.

    3/2 - nicely done! You showed the action and gave 2099 a flashy intro. But yeah, don't break panel borders, his leg makes a tangent here with the next panel.

    The Chrysler building in 4/1 is well done, but the one on 4/6 looks rushed.

    Hope that helps!
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    I had an incredible sense of deja vu doing the drawover when it occurred to me I made the same basic comments to virtubutch a few days earlier (and forgot to post...d'oh!)

    If the horizon is in the shot (and you said it is) then there is no third point and all uprights are perpendicular to the horizon.

    Perspective says parallel lines ALL meet at the exact same point. NONE of yours meet at the same point. As a result, everything is distorted. Note further that the closer a VP gets to the frame the more distortion you get. Whether inside or outside the drawing, keep VPs away from the frame.

    If you want a worm's eye view, get the Hor down where the worm lives, well under the drawing. If you want a bird's eye view, get the hor well above the drawing where the bird lives. If the horizon is in the shot, there is no third point without a fourth and now you're curvilinear and there are no "straight" lines.

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