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    Thanks Smitty.

    I'll work on that pose before inking and go back into the "evisceration" shot, as well.

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    Still working on this, but thought I'd post the progress I made over the weekend.

    Sorry... no more disinterested sheep.
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    And the new version of the "evisceration" shot. In progress.

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    Do you think it might look better with the slice going diagonal from hip to shoulder?
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    My earlier comment was about expression and posture rather than color. Your soldier is at peace. He may be dead but, he's relaxed, peaceful, a sleeping baby who knows nothing of pain. His expression and posture should suggest the torture of being torn apart.

    All I've done with the face is to furrow the brow, squeeze eyes shut, flare the nostrils and contort the lower mouth.

    D'oh. I gave him a WWII helmet. Get some ref on modern helmets to avoid the Gilligan floppy hat look.
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    Decided to take that pose back to the beginning rather than re-working it again.

    This is where I am so far:

    Still need to do some research on the helmet.

    I think this might be a little closer on getting the helmet correct -
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    It keeps getting better an better
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan E.Warner View Post
    It keeps getting better an better

    Thank you!


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