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Thread: Spider-Man Pages

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    Spider-Man Pages

    Working on a Spider-Man/Spider-Man 2099 team up sequence. Will update as pages get pencilled!

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    Never without passion.

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    Never without passion.

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    Good stuff. wish his toes had some thickness, but just my preference

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    thanks for the input, man! I'll think about it-- maybe the big toe, at least.

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    Looks even better with textures!

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    Thanks you! Tried doing the spots digitally but it looked weird.
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    Awesome stuff! 2nd page 3rd panel: Spideys arm looks too thick. Should be more wirey.

    Also 1st page 1st panel: that first bush/tree? Is too tangent-y and it seems to blend with the running person and it even creates the illusion of an arm.

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    Oh, thanks! Good catches!
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    Last 2 pages:

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