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Thread: Batman samples

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    Batman samples

    Apologies to anyone who came looking for Ms Marvel samples. Just realized those were the first pages I posted when I joined lol. If you wanna check em out the original post is here: Domo!-intro-and-Recent-Samples

    Anywho, here's a sample Batman page I did from an old CBR contest. Hope you dig!

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    Very cool stuff. For crits, the 3rd panel the guy looks like a kid to me, and on the 5th panel you got me worried, is the baby still alive? The gun seems to be shooting in his direction.
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    I did this same page four months ago and yours look way better than mine. More dynamic and solid pencils. More defined style too. But Josem is right, the bad guy looks like a little boy on panel 3. I'll add that the swinging Batman has his head inside his chest a bit too much. For the rest, congrats, looks awesome!

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