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Thread: "Strings Attached" crime comic pages

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    "Strings Attached" crime comic pages

    First three pages of pencils for a short crime/espionage comic called "Strings Attached".


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    This is freaking amazing! Some of the best art I've ever seen on here!

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    Thank you Joseph. I dare not compare my work to the quality of art posted regularly on penciljack, but I do appreciate it!

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    The better you get (and you're getting better) the tougher the rule set you have to follow. Sucks but, there it is.

    While not in the same category as pretty girls or hands and feet in terms of what editors look out for, badly drawn hats always stick out. Especially when surrounded by solid drawing and even more so when surrounded by photo ref. In every instance the be-hatted man is wearing a completely different hat: 40s wide brim, 60s short brim, flat brim, snap brim, fedora, porkpie, homburg, brims on backwards or sideways. Pick a hat, any hat... Gilligan's hat and stick to it.

    Watch your suits and overcoats. Learn to draw a proper lapel. Shoulder line at the lapel is concave not convex. Beware overcoat proportions on jacket sleeves (narrow them up) Acknowledge shoulder pads in constructed jackets and the lack of same in unconstructed overcoats. When shoulders lift, and arms bend or extend, the sleeve ends farther away from the wrist rather than bunch up against the wrist.

    Do something to punch up the photo ref cars. Get a more dramatic angle, more freehanding, speed lines on the bg... something.

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    Here are pages 2 & 3 with the clothing issues addressed. I've also added speed lines, and larger dust trails to the moving vehicles on page 2. I plan to add more freehand funk to the cars as I ink.

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    this is sweet. good job

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    Really cool man, keep up good work!

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    Homburg? The preferred hat of Don Michael Corleone... dude just got a lot more interesting, and a lot more deadly. Neat.

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    Thanks to all for their comments on this.

    Here are 3 more penciled pages from this story.

    FWIW, the building in the first panel below is meant to be in the imposing "Brutalist" architectural style- massive blank concrete facades with discreet windows only at the top.

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