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Thread: Superman pages

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    This may i'm attending the Megacon in Orlando. I showed my portfolio to a few professionals already, but i'm hoping some of the big names who rarely comes to Canada will be there.

    Hey Bastian, hopefully you plan to take Smitty's crits and go back to the drawing table before heading to Megacon. If your passion is truly making it in this industry you should have no problem wanting to grow and continuously get better, and right now these pages just aren't there, sorry to say. Looking forward to seeing you come back with something better after Smitty and Mlaw's thoughts!

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    Thanks Domo. Smitty is huge on the perspective of the scenes. That's the best critique i'm absorbing from him.

    Typically, i notice there is two kind of response when i show my art. There is the "Nice work, keep it up and fix this and that", which isn't much of a response. Then there is someone like smitty, Jim Zubkavich or David Campiti who has seen tons of portfolios.

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