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Thread: "Gasp" - Page for PUMMEL

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    "Gasp" - Page for PUMMEL

    Page 1 of 5 for PUMMEL. Same script as pete's post below.

    Going to try to come back to this page after the other 4 are close to finished to add some more detail/clean up a few things.

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    Awesome page man! I also thought about the see-thru hospital respirators but decided to go full gasmask ^^
    The blacks on the buildings make them hard to read, imo, wit the sidewalk adding to the confusion.
    The title looks great, and the smoke and poison gas really sell the scene here.
    I bet shaun will be pleased
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    Lookin good! Is that Rodney from Robots? (that would be hilarious..)
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    Dude, this looks great as well! Blown away anyone even read the script. Ron & Pete, let me know if you had any challenges with the script. Any areas I can improve on? Thanks again!

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    Cool page, really like the " Gasp" first panel. Third panel, the guys neck needs a touch, and i would change the hands position on the last " Whack" panel. You guys are going full throttle on the first match, looking forward for the rest.
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