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Thread: a few short funnies

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    a few short funnies

    A few comics for a bit of fun. The one with the dogs was also going to be a short three panel comic, but the size was too small. For what it is, it's a little empty/sparse, but fun to do.

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    Enjoyed these and previous ones. Lush brush work and like others have commented a horror or Twilight Zone type story by you would be rad! TBH though some of the gags went over my head

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    Thanks for looking - and your thoughts on the gags. Maybe they do need to be clearer (or perhaps they're just not strong enough). I love the format of gag comics, but do kind of struggle to find things that suit the drawings. I'll keep at it, and maybe post a few more.

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    Don't go above the audience..these are not bad..
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    I understood these ones just fine. I meant some of the ones in your previous post.
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    Thanks for the comment, Bryan - and thanks for the clarification, youngatart! Happy to read it - these jokes seemed stronger/clearer than some of the other ones I've doen, so it's nice that they come over better.

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    Very good. An enjoyable sick and twisted read.
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    I can't stop enjoying your art. I'm especially inspired by your dog owner panels. Your clean line art and choice of colors remind me of Jamie McKelvie or Adrian Tomine. With that said, I'm going to try and emulate your style to try and learn. I hope you post more, because the art is great and the gags are a hoot.

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    Thanks for the comments, Steve and Symson - and for taking a look at the strips!

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    I dig your style so much but man there's just something so subtle about it that creeps me out. I dunno if it's intentional or not, but I get chills reading it..... like that one movie with Tobey McGuire... Pleasantville I think? whoooofffff... *shivers* lol


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