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Thread: The Owl Tribe is back!

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    Here's the English cover for my comic:

    Slightly off-topic: here you can view covers from my other two projects:

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    I'm sorry for the radio silence these past weeks. I minimized most of distractions and worked hard on completing the book. I'm delighted to announce that all pages have been coloured, the texts are being edited, the cover has been finalized and almost the whole book has been prepared for print... Those are good news, right? :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukasz.draws View Post
    Hello everyone!

    It's been a long time since I posted here anything so it's high time I let you know The Owl Tribe isn't dead... It's alive and kicking!

    Here's what happened: last winter it was picked up by Sandawe, a Franco-Belgian publisher/crowdfunding platform, and ever since then, I've been working hard on every aspect of the project and the campaign (which finished at 152%). Here's the link to the project page in case you're curious... and here's the cover ;-)

    Anyway, the progress has been amazing: the whole book (56 pages!) is drawn and written. Now, I'm mainly colouring the pages (more than half to go) and preparing rewards for my Sandawe supporters. So, since the French version is nearing completion, I've also started considering options for publishing the English version (which is already written)...

    Here's some artwork I've done and a shot of the current look of all the pages.

    For more, you can visit: The Owl Tribe FB Page || Instagram || YouTube
    @ lukas.draws how long did it take you to go from concept to execution? Are you the artist or did you write as well? I have many questions if you would message me I would love to pick your brain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesdcreviston View Post
    @ lukas.draws how long did it take you to go from concept to execution? Are you the artist or did you write as well? I have many questions if you would message me I would love to pick your brain.
    Well, it's pretty hard to say how long it took, the process was pretty stretched out with few breaks inbetween (I drew first sketches for the project more than two years ago). However, during my most productive periods I could finalize 2-3 complete pages per week (from sketch to full color). Book 2 will be in the works within a month or two and I'll do my best to have it done in around 6 months. Yup, I drew and wrote it all, but I did that in those moments between drawing sessions.

    I can't find a way to use messaging service here, so if you have any questions reach me via FB.

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    Well, I'm happy to announce that my comic project is nearing completion after two years in the making! The Owl Tribe is a history-based adventure story with fantastic elements. Set in pre-columbian America, it tracks the story of a native-raised Viking encountering whole lot of problems - some violent, some not :-)

    With all 56 pages drawn and colored and the text being edited, I'm prepping for the KickStarter launch next month.

    If you feel like that's a book that might interest you and missing it would be too bad, please consider signing up to my newsletter HERE or via Facebook... Cheers!

    And here's some recent art:

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    Here's a poster I've made recently - it will be a reward in the upcoming crowdfunding.
    Join TheOwlTribe here so you don't miss it ;-)

    Check out the process video here:

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    Well, TheOwlTribe is about to be released in French. Here's a quick flip-through of the pre-print copy:

    I'm working on prepping the KS campaign now so it's a busy time. If you'd like to keep your finger on the pulse, sign up here.

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    A bunch of artworks I made for my book...


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