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Thread: The Owl Tribe is back!

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    The Owl Tribe is back!

    Hello everyone!

    It's been a long time since I posted here anything so it's high time I let you know The Owl Tribe isn't dead... It's alive and kicking!

    Here's what happened: last winter it was picked up by Sandawe, a Franco-Belgian publisher/crowdfunding platform, and ever since then, I've been working hard on every aspect of the project and the campaign (which finished at 152%). Here's the link to the project page in case you're curious... and here's the cover ;-)

    Anyway, the progress has been amazing: the whole book (56 pages!) is drawn and written. Now, I'm mainly colouring the pages (more than half to go) and preparing rewards for my Sandawe supporters. So, since the French version is nearing completion, I've also started considering options for publishing the English version (which is already written)...

    Here's some artwork I've done and a shot of the current look of all the pages.

    For more, you can visit: The Owl Tribe FB Page || Instagram || YouTube
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    I moved this to the Bulletin Board due to the promotional nature of the post.

    Good luck on your book!
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    Thanks! I wasn't quite sure where to put it :-)

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    Nightwatcher panels from one of The Owl Tribe pages... I hope you'll like it ;-)

    Short clip of a coloring process:

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    Here's page 16 from my book - pencil versus paintbrush!

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    Dawn in Vinland... panels from The Owl Tribe comic.
    Check out the painting process video here!

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    Watch your step!
    More and more panels from The Owl Tribe comic is getting done every day...

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    Pencil VS paintbrush - round two: at the campfire...

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    Pencil VS paintbrush - round three: midnight stroll...

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    Current work progress on The Owl Tribe comic... I plan to colour most of those white pages by the end of this month.


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