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Thread: Dracula the Unconquered #4 pencils

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    I like your latest pages, don't see the purple a problem given that you're going to color them, you're anticipating the final results, so no one knows better than you the reason for the purple.

    In page 9, I think that you could expand the first two panels a bit, maybe Dracula is a bit lost in the first one so getting bigger would help see him, and you could make the reader see better the details of panel 2 by doing the same.

    Great work!

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    Thanks, Almayer. I'll tinker more with that page if I've got time.

    Here's Page 12! Halfway through inks.

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    Great stuff. Nice smooth feel. Clean, but not overworked either.
    Earlier in the thread you were talking about how you "cheated" on your environment a bit. I think you almost have to when dealing with really complex architectural geometry. Otherwise you can't make it worth the time for what it is. I mean, I guess it depends on the priority. Is it to make the story work, or is it to make artistic masterpieces that just happen to be stories as well. There are some European comics that have unbelievably complex, made-from-scratch, architectural geometry, but these same guys would sometimes only produce maybe 50 pages a year on a really good year (like Schuiten), and that's going at full time. As for most us, we probably just do what we have to do.

    Here is a Dracula poster I did where the background has a lot of cheating going on, meshed together from a couple of relatively well known pieces of architecture. It could have used more work, but I had one month to do five posters.
    (sorry, not trying to hijack the thread here, but where it is Dracula...)


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