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Thread: Dracula the Unconquered #4 pencils

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    lol, man my bad.. I had not had coffee.. it's clearly a hat on a stick.
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    Nah, I was going for drying rack, with her hat and coat on it in front of the fire. The "stick" is the leg of the rack, but if that's not clear then there's a problem. I'm gonna re-draw this one.

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    I believe if you got the horizon outside the frame, you need a 3 point. I would move that one point close to the center of the frame, it's an easy fix.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sdowner View Post
    I know Smitty has talked about "keeping a 1-point VP inside the frame" a ton. Am I making a big mistake with this setup?
    Nobody died and crowned me the big Perspective Sheriff of the house (they should... make me sheriff, not die... but, that's another story) however, the simple truth is this: the closer the VP to the frame, the more distorted the drawing will be. Period.

    Perspective is a child's jack. Move one arm, you move ALL six! EVERY time!!! Two of them may simply pivot but, they still move. You cannot move one arm alone without snapping the arm off the jack. Break the jack and you break the perspective and that breaks the drawing.

    IF you move the VP X off center to the left, THEN the VP at right moves in the exact same X. If not, you get distortion as in the table at top right. This can be "fixed" by: extreme cropping, big honkin' foreground elements, 4 pt curvilinear perspective... or, you could leave the VP where it works and make life easy on yourself.

    Moving the VP to the left means bringing in the VP at right. IF there's a VP at right, THEN there's a VP at left. That means the red lines I've place over your drawing are straight lines; 180 lines; lines with no bend or angle. I freely admit to being a child of the 60s but nothing I ever dropped, smoked or snorted is going to make those lines straight.

    That said, in your book, you're god. You make the rules. Just know that the distortion will occur and either apply a "fix" or take your lumps. None of this suggests that you redraw the panel!!! Every book has boo boos. Better to go to press with the occasional d'oh than to go unpublished while searching out perfection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josem View Post
    I believe if you got the horizon outside the frame, you need a 3 point. I would move that one point close to the center of the frame, it's an easy fix.
    I would do the same, I mean, keeping 1 point perspective... What makes the panel look strange to me in the first place is that the bricks of the fireplace vanish to the ground too pronounced instead to the center of the panel (more or less the center, I mean). We are looking to the table as if we had our eye level a bit under the plane of the table, so the horizon should be in place if it was a bit low (at Dracula's butt level ) but not out of the panel, I think.

    I clearly saw what you intend with the hat, as I saw the sleeve drying, so I don't see much problem on that area of the panel, maybe a slight retouch and it will be done.


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