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Thread: Dark Town

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    Many thanks Pete. And a definite thanks Smitty. I'm inking these digitally so I guess I need to find a more textured brush or do less with the rulers turned on. I'm trying to letter in clip studio so pinching has been more difficult than on illustrator. Any tips are more than appreciated. Thanks so much for the time studs!

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    Ok, here goes my two cents:

    Overall I like what I see, but some things just look odd and I blame it on your referencing (just a wild guess) For some of the set pieces have a lot of attention to detail ( although skewed here and there, look up smittys advice for that) but other things look really out whack to that in comparison. For example that crossbow the sheriff is sporting after putting down the big guy. That thing doesn't have any important details on it, it is really just a bunch of shapes that read "I'm supposed to be a crossbow". I'm guessing that thing will have a few more appearances in the pages to come, so I highly advise seeking out good references for a crossbow ( even better to try and research what kind of crossbow your sheriff could get his hands on) and learn about how that thing is put to good use. Even the way the sheriff holds it, from where he holds it, to how he is resting it on his shoulder to the very proportions of the shapes makes me forget the story immediately, I am just scratching my head over the sherrifs gear

    There are one or two more of those things, but I think you know best where you winged it

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    Thanks Pete. Definitely things for me to keep an eye on in the future. Some of that stuff will probably be there in future pages (since they are already done) but I'll try to fix what I can moving forward.

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    I wouldn't change finished pages either. Apply advice to new pages. I would however suggest posting WIP pages up to the board to give yourself time to correct any unforeseen problems before inking.
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    Truth Veritas. Still quite a few to post before then unfortunately. Hopefully the story is engaging and the art isn't getting too much in the way.

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