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Thread: Logan (movie)

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    Logan (movie)


    It's not that Hugh Jackman hasn't made a decent Wolverine but I picture Mel Gibson as old man Logan.

    Would love to see a Fincher' Wolverine one day.

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    Looks a bit odd to me. Looks like a guy taking his dying Dad and estranged daughter on a road trip and run into terrorists, shennanigans ensue.
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    For me, it's disappointing that Fox continues to cherry-pick really great stories that only really work, imo, as they were presented in the comics. Old Man Logan was an epic story, involving the entire Marvel universe. It's clear that their intention was to take that idea and, as they always do, tweak it so that it's nothing like the source material. No Hulk family. No Hawkeye. No Mysterio. Like The Wolverine, it will probably be an OK film, but for those that know the source material, it will leave an empty feeling imagining what could have been.
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    The hillbilly hulk family was my favorite Damn part of old man Logan. This looks ok though to be honest.
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    I can't wait to see Old Man Logan, starring Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and Dodge Ram.

    Dodge Ram, the preferred choice of post-apocalyptic militias the world over!

    Overt product placement will forever crack my ass up. -_-

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    Surprisingly I enjoyed it. Maybe because it has the level of violence not seen in previous Wolverine movies. That would have improved the previous Wolverine movie.

    There's some lazy writing but I don't expect too much from comic movies. It didn't take away that it was a good movie experience. Hope you guys enjoy it.

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    I thought this was incredibly good. I couldn't finish the first stand alone Wolverine movie. Didn't bother with the second.

    Yet, this was a very good film, with some excellent directing, a clever avoiding of many of the cliches and bullshit that usually comes with comic book films, a great cast and some fine performances.

    Also (POSSIBLE SPOLIER.....)...

    ...avoided a run of the mill 'world's about to end' cliche ending...which few of these films ever do. For me, it's one of the very few superhero films I could recommend to someone who is a genuine film fan but is wary of the superhero genre.

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    I loved it. It made me cry.

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    I loved it as well. Really pulled at my feelings. Probably my favourite superhero movie so far.
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