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Thread: Batman Confidential sample in progress

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    Page 7 roughs:

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    This is sweet, dude! Panel 3 would feel a bit stronger to me if you showed Batman already on the move to rescue the kid; as it is, he seems to go from standing there thinking about the grenades to saving the kid instantaneously before the grenades blow up.

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    You're soooo right! That's the answer I was looking for to fill the gap between panel 3 and 4, it was so obvious that I could not see it! Thanks!

    I was not paying attention to page 7 today, as I was concentrated on solving measurement problems in panel 5 of page 6 (the general view in 1 point perspective)... Batman is too tall compared to the bad guy, and as the environment is based on a rough sketch is all messed up. I'm trying to redraw it well by studying Loomis' "Succesful Drawing" pages on that matter.

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    wow Almayer, those changes to page 6 definately sell it alot more for me! and Smitty, I could read your critiques all day seriously. its almost 2:30 AM and im still here, i should be in bed!

    Cant wait for the next page!

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    Thanks Basilisk, I'm inking both pages 6 and 7 and I hope I can upload them soon.
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    The inking's so nice.. the first panel is a n eye sore though.. the digital texture's not working very well.. it digital? Then what about enlarging the character so it fills up the frame nicely? Too much empty space is not helping either..
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    I was gonna make the same comment about that first panel's texture. Maybe it'll work better with color but right now it just kills it for me. But otherwise looking great! like that last panel alot!

    I also really like the tumbling chair and glass and silverware falling.

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    Yes, you two are right guys. I need to fix that panel a bit, the digital texture is not working. Need to get better at freehand textures or at least create Clip Studio one's of my own... Do you know any good tutorial about that? I see people like Jorge Jiménez or Valerio Schiti using his own created textures on the app with great results... Anyway, digitally or not, I'll retouch the panel!

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    and I feel the eyes could be hidden with shadows just like the other panels ? It just feels weak/flat to me for some reason..

    And if you gonna redo the last page panel 3. What about lowering the horizon line? It just feels very third person view and disconnected in my opinion.(which should be intense moment).. If it's problem to get grenades/Batman in the same frame.. worm's eye view maybe? or even grenades can be in mid air before they land?
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