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    OMLC (On My Lap Comics)

    Hey All! Back in 2007 when my wife and I last went to Burning Man together, I created a free 2 issue giveaway comic that I handed out as my gift.

    While there fulfilling my project, I got the idea for something new. Since the burn serves as it's own city, Black Rock City, which has a newspaper, post office, and whatever city elements folks bring, I thought it would be cool to create a comic stand and stock it with my own self-referential desert based comics. They would be free unless someone wanted to leave a gift and I would serve as the city's comic and newsstand. Not long after returning home, I thought of many random, hilarious, silly, and horrific concepts that could be mini comics.

    I designed a comic stand to be made of wood, which was created and served its purpose and I still have it in a less than fabulous condition!

    At the time, and since being a child before that, I did most of my sketching and art on my lap. In the living room in front of the TV, bedroom floor against bed or wall, etc. These were no different, so I decided the title of my imprint would be "On My Lap Comics" or later OMLC. I have since renamed to Northside Comics due to my wife and I loving the area we live, Northside, for its eclectic feel that is reminiscent of the comics' feel. We are involved in the community and I thought it would be good to stake a claim on the name, plus it sounds more mature.

    One of the first concepts created was MEOW! which was based on our two cats, Chester and Lola. The idea was that it was a cat created space epic. Like a planet of anthropomorphic cats that had a comic book. This means it is in their language and relies on the "reader" to follow the panels. Along with some other titles I will post here in the future, MEOW! made its debut with mini comic #1 in 2008 at a local burn where the comic stand also made its successful debut.

    MEOW! was the standout hit, and after some encouragement I brought all my OMLC titles to art sales and craft shows in my area. It became a hit at the shows for a few years and I even sold all titles and issues at some local comic shops. Over the years I've redrawn, cleaned up, and re-shaded many of the pages as you will see. There are 3 issues and I have all the pages for #4 sketched out from a while back, soon to be finished!

    Here is the cover, inside front cover which explains the concept more clearly(sorry for the publishing info), and the first six pages of #1. Hope you enjoy!

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    Here are the last two pages of MEOW! #1 (they are little 8 page mini comics I can print from home):

    Sorry the size differences, I had issues during resizing.

    After a while I added this activity page to the back due to so many kids getting them with their parents at art sales. I think the lack of readable dialogue helps the really teeny ones enjoy it more.

    I initially thought the mini comics would be even smaller-4 pages- then decided to go with 8. This would have been the cover to the four page issue two but then became the back cover/"variant" of issue one.

    More to come!

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    Next is another OMLC staple from the start, Chupa Cabra Comics! I like gimmicky things and repetitive or over elaborate jokes if you can't tell from the titles so far, and this was no different. I wanted a comic strip style comic like Garfield or something like that and this is where my brain went. Cryptids and the sort are a guilty pleasure of mine and I thought it would be funny to have an odd couple-esque book where a chupacabra and a goat are roommates and the rude and violent chupacabra constantly antagonizes the kind and peaceful goat. Their names are Chupa Cabra and Goat and here is the cover for the first issue and the first page.

    Chupa Cabra Comics always has a "pull-out poster" in the center where they appear as famous duos. This is issue one's poster. Can you tell who they are?

    Hope you get a chuckle!

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    Here is the third of my my four main titles with OMLC. OMLC Presents showcased what I call random insanity. Think of it like an animated sketch comedy show for adults. I wanted to have a shared universe of animal characters and anything else that seemed cool or funny. This is the cover for #1.

    This is page 1, "Hot Enough Hippopotamus?" As I've said before, I like gimmicky and repetitive humor. Much of my comic work for OMLC are elaborate jokes or gimmick.

    Back when I produced this issue, the Walking Dead was out, but only as a comic. Also I didn't see a lot of zombie comic options at the time beside TWD, maybe '68, so one of the pages became DEAD. The joke being that they are zombies without story and dialogue and it says to be continued...

    Here is one more page from #1, "Llola Llama at the Rollerama". The gimmick of this one is whatever Llola Llama is doing it rhymes with her name.

    All pretty random stuff but that's how I like it!

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    This is the last of my OMLC titles from years back, ARMOR and the Automaton Apocalypse. This was done back in '07 along with the other three. I posted a more recent all pencil version of the first 6 pages a couple months back in Sequential Art.
    The story is set in the distant future in the location where Burning Man is held (the Black Rock Desert) where people have robots. Through a series of events, the robots are all turned to zombies essentially and attack the humans with the sole intent to kill them. One robot is not affected however, a protector-bot called ARMOR who serves the son of the city's leader. Here is the cover:

    Here are the first six pages.

    I will post some of my fake and self referential ads for my mini comics next!
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    And now some fake ads from the mini-comics. This is probably the most popular of the ads and my personal favorite:

    This is one I made a couple years after the mini-comics had been in print and inserted it into a space that had an ad I never liked. It references an old toy ad I saw in an 80's magazine.

    This is a small one that would normally be grouped with other small ads of the sort on one or one-half page.

    More to come!

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    After noticing many flaws over the years of the MEOW! work (in fairness were quickly put together for free give-aways originally) I finally got around to redoing the cover. I noticed even more flaws on the cover after posting it here, and despite my love of it for personal and nostalgia reasons, I decided it needs a more professional look. I've been working on some plans with my local comic shop for the coming winter and spring and this became top priority. I will be adding the title and cover details soon. Thanks for looking!

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    Cleaned up the title and centered it on to make a poster with signing space on the bottom. My local comic shop and I are working on a FCBD release event with mini-comics, prints, coloring pages, and signing. Also going to do basically the same thing in the winter at a local business that does free projects, crafts, and events for community youth.

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    Hey all! I haven't posted in a while but I've been very busy! First, with much guidance from Fallenangel (hope he doesn't mind the shout-out), I've majorly reworked the coloring on the new MEOW! art and added to it to make it more interesting. Here is how it stands now:

    Next I will show a typical page from Chupa Cabra Comics (from issue #2 and I believe 2008) so you can have context for the new stuff I've been working on. Chupa Cabra and his roommate Goat are usually sipping coffee and tea respectively and just conversing over a table or counter. Usually Chupa Cabra is rude and gross and Goat is offendable and mild:

    This not being the place to discuss, I will briefly say that about a month ago I found myself extremely disappointed, confused, and lost. After almost a weeks thought, I remembered that art is where I need to be and the desire to funnel my feelings reemerged. The last issue of Chupa Cabra Comics I produced was in 2012 and was very political. It hit me how much I had been missing out on already! I began work on issue 5 and decided to break format a little. Instead of only sipping bevs at the counter, we can see them watch tv on election night and comment on events! Like so:

    So I have been writing and formatting strips with these guys and changing their poses and stuff. The first half of the issue will be election night formatted like this and the second half will be traditional format, talking about the current political topics. The cover is nearing completion and I hope to have the full mini comic finished by the end of the month. I also got this out on FB on Thanksgiving:

    Finally, for relevance sake, here is the cover for #4:

    Glad to finally post again. I hope everyone is well and finding internal fulfillment with all endeavors! Thanks for looking.
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