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    B&W Contrast Study

    So I take my pics and posterize them in Photoshop. Then I use these to conduct simple studies. Learning a lot with this route about how light behaves.

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    Some metart/mpl studios inspired gestures

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    Some volume studies

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    NSFW Inking Practice

    How you doin?

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    So excited to be working on conceptualizing my comic again! My speed is increasing and I am able to get more done with the extremely limited amount of time I have to work on it.

    What are your thoughts on this art direction?

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    Working on character continuity today.

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    Nice work. Keep up the reference work. It's soooooo gonna pay off.

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    Thanks Hangman! Awesome to see another Tapatalk user, too.

    More character continuity work. Right now, I am simply trying to get down this simple straight-on-view of the girl's face. Once I am comfortable (like I can draw her in my sleep) I will work on other angles.

    What tips & tricks do you employ in order to maintain character continuity throughout your book?

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    This week's project:

    Stay tuned.

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    And the finished inks.

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