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Thread: Always Drawing's Art Blog

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    Always Drawing's Art Blog

    I thought I'd share my drawings and I welcome crits (that's the best part of PJ).

    I started drawing August 2014, but I've always enjoyed doodling, comics, etc.

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    I drew this "Space Lady" as the artwork for a phaser pedal I was making (I also make guitar pedals). I had been drawing for about a month. Traditional pencils, sharpies for "ink", and I colored it in photoshop. My wife modeled for me.

    (Drawn September 2014).

    Here is the finished pedal (the "on" LED is underneath the ray gun tip, so it's invisible until the pedal is switched on):

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    April 24, 2015, H, HB, and 2B pencils. I usually sketch an ultra-light outline in H, then draw with HB. If I feel like going darker, or sometimes for effect, I'll use 2B.

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    December 2014. Way late for Dia de los Muertos but I figured I'd finish it anyway. H, HB, and 2B pencils on drawing paper.

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    Here's one I did a few days ago.

    HB Pencils:

    and I started inking with a pen and brush! This piece used a #2 sable (princeton) and speedball super black india ink. The grays are ink wash (just rinsed my brush in water and used the residual ink. I liked the nib pen but after picking up a brush I'll only use the Nib for certain effects. But when I look at the "dead" line my prismacolor pens made, I'm using a brush from now on.


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    Just having some fun...

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