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    This was a commission i did for as friend at work. Hes a huge fan of this movie. I remember seeing it for the fist time in 3D and really being impressed by the whole experience.

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    added some real quick colours to this as well

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    started working on this Starcraft piece a few days ago. Never been a fan of strategy games but i watched the cutscenes for starcraft 2 and thought they were really amazing. These are the two main characters Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan. Still need to finish off Jim's Armour.

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    So a while ago i drew Aspen from the comic Fathom. Ive decided to redraw the piece. At the time i was experimenting with going for a more modern style but looking back at it, it really just isn't me so ive gone for more of my classic clean line style. I did some real quick colours for it as well.

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    Got a new commission in to do some King Arthur Illustrations. Even though its a different time period im trying to capture some of the rough and ragged look to the characters that frazetta/Buscema injected into conan. I did these all in a day as i dont have long to finish these but i think it helped as it captured some of the raw energy I had when i did them.

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    Trying to get back to a personal project I started last year. Inspired by Casablanca and Jack Kirbys the Losers. Just not enough hours in the day anymore.
    If you haven't already I am on twitter as well posting updates, just check my signature for the link.

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    Managed to ink the first four illustrations last night.

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    Really liking these last few posts. Your inking is looking more confident and decisive.

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    Thanks Orphangrinder, yea ive been happy with my inking lately. I managed to finish off the last two illustrations in this series.

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    Watch your swords. Hilt and blade will point in the same direction as the knuckle of the index finger.

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