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    Great stuff, love your art


    Open for commissions and work....PM me.

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    Thrill Vault Anthology #1

    So a while back I illustrated a short 6 page story for writer Troy Vevasis. Its now been published in ThrillVault #1 Brad Linder did the Letters, its available on amazon here

    heres a taste of the first page

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    Really great stuff! and i enjoyed the musings on art as well!

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    So Im just over halfway through issue 4 on this book called Captives im drawing for Alex Banchitta with final inks by Dan Parsons. It has a medieval fantasy Adventure look and feel.Thought id share some stuff from it.

    These are some rough page layouts, i draw them on A3 paper then light box over them and tighten up the pencils for the final page

    Here are some of my Pencils from issue 1. Kind of painful to look through some of this stuff tbh but i learned so much from these pages. You can see how stiff and rigid my panels are compared to my newer stuff, I was also still trying to nail down my drawing style. Still am tbh but i feel more confident with my work now.

    Another very rough page layout, took a lot of inspiration from a Alex Toth page for this.

    And a Final Pinup. Stay tuned for more down the line.


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    Random character sketch

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    Im moving flat soon so i was just clearing out some of my old junk and came across this. probably about a year old my first and only attempt at oil painting on canvas. I just never could get into painting, the thing i like about working with ink is that you see the results as soon as the ink hits the paper, with oils and paints in general you have to work so much harder to get the results you want.

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    Shhh, hey you, over there. Come here, yea I just thought I'd share a bit of concept art for an exciting project ill be starting next year with writer Marco Lopez. Just between me and you yea.

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    I finished playing Life is Strange a couple of months back now, such a fantastic game. It basically involves time travel and the butterfly effect. Also has a sort of Twin Peaks feel to it as well. Great Soundtrack too.
    Made a start on this today

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    great work, man. love those blue pencil pages. solid.

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    Hey thanks James, those pencils are from issue 1, ive just wrapped up issue 4 which looks much better than these. I actually started Captives on issue 2 as I took the project over from another artist. However then we decided it would be best if I drew the whole thing for continuity so I then went back and did issue 1. Although there is a flashback scene with the original artists work who's name I forget but it will be printed in the comic.

    The first 3 issues were difficult as I was still trying to find my style so it literally starts off in a Alex toth style, then slight bruce timm then slight hal foster before I came to my own style. So its a bit of a cluster**** but that's how it goes when you start out I guess. I think started this probably around may/june 2015.

    on a side note I like your drawing style, you probably get this a lot but it reminds me of H.R Gigers work.

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