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    Starting a new film poster pin up for the movie Breathless with jean seberg and jean-paul belmondo. Doing it in a slightly different style a bit more line heavy. Not too happy with the likeness yet. Probably will do another pose for them as well along with some text and then arrange them all together digitally.

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    Finished the commission i was working on

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    Finally finished my 6 issue run of Captives for Alex Banchitta. Currently being inked by Dan Parsons. Hopefully will be out later this year. Moving onto our next project, heres a sketch of some concept art for our new comic

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    Pans Labyrinth pencil layout

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    Another pans labyrinth pencil layout

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    starting to ink!

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    Stranger Things 2 piece

    October 27th!

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    Some random sketches that I post on twitter, im going to try to do one a day of these. I post these on instagram as well and im just surprised by how many likes I get, I often get more likes for these quick sketches than for full finished piece. Which is great but also slightly worrying.

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    Sarah from labyrinth sketch

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