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    Bedtime143's Blog

    Something ive been thinking about recently at night whislt at the drawing table and what probably is one of the biggest travestys in the art world is the lack of illustrated work on advertisments. Particulary for movie posters and book covers. I look back on the old Bond posters throughout the 60's, 70's ands 80's with a child like excitment. The amount of action, intriegue and of course the gorgously painted women still take my breath away and then i turn to what we have today. Really?

    I cant believe that tastes have changed that we want such a minimilst and stale look because im betting that 100% of people who would look at these 2 images would agree that the painted image is far superior. no question about it.

    It has to simply be down to cost. Lets say it takes 3 weeks to paint a movie poster, thats taking into consideration collecting refrences and intital sketches. If done digitally on computer you could achieve the skyfall poster in an afternoon.

    Probably the last artist to work on a painted movie poster would be drew struzan. Next lets look at book covers.

    Ahh The master that is Robert Mcginnis. All of his women were drawn with such style and precision. They all looked like women who could mercilessley kill you if you got on their bad side but you know what, mayb it would b worth it just 2 get a taste of their good side.
    Comic books seems to be our last saviour. However iroincally in the very early 40's romance comics actual phtographs were used for a short time rather that the artist arwork to entice passers bye to pick up a copy. Damn that milkshake looks gd!

    I guess we will always have the art to look back on.

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    Drawing a Cityscape

    Having trouble drawing a realistic looking cityscape? well recently after just some random web surfing and a footlong chicken and bacon ranch subway, I came across this image below by the amazing Jon Whitcomb and something caught my eye. While first my attention was drawn to the gorgeously painted male and female, my eye the curiosly drifted to the set of white dots to the right. It took a moment for me to realise that with just a few storkes Jon had created an entire cityscape.

    Now I have seen this effect used before, but I think it was just seeing the simpicity of how Jon had painted it. Some more examples of this method are shown below.

    David Mazzuchelli - Batman year 1


    and a live action example in baderunner!

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    I agree with the lack of illustration in advertising today. I believe it's cost/laziness. Website More Art E-mail
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    Artist Spotlight: Rene Gruau

    I remember the first time I saw one of Rene Gruau's pieces of work, I was blown away by his sense of design, simple use of lines and limited use of colour. I think its common when most artists start out we seek to draw extremely detailed work. We want to draw every muscles in the human body or render a background in as much detail as possible. But the more ive learned over the years its really become apparant that often the more simpler an image is the more effective it is. Rene is a true testiment to that way of working.

    Rene was born it Italy in 1909, He started drawing at a young age, selling his work to various fashion journals and began working as a fashion illustrator in Paris from his teens to his early 20's. Eventually as more people saw his work he was soon snapped up by most of the big magazines. Throughout his carear he worked at a number of places including Marie-Claire, Femina, Elle,Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar to name a few.

    Even today Rene is considered a true inspiration and a icon in the fashion Industry. His work is timeless. The Women he drew were elegant. He captured the fashion sense of the era. He has inspired many other fashion illustrators over the decades like David Downton and even Comic Artists such as Tim Sale.

    Above Tim Sales's Spiderman Blue and Catwoman when in Rome, inspired by Gruau.

    I'll leave you with a few more examples of Rene's amazing work.

    The man himself

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    So the late nights continue to reign in. just finished a short story and some other small commissions. I jus wish this was my fulltime job

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    few more drops of random stuff, all from 2015
    these are not in any order

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    Here is a quick piece i did recently for a friend

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    What a great blog! I love how you're posting your influential artists, with your commentary. It really comes as no surprise, but you've got great taste.

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    Thanks dude, I really enjoyed writing about Gruau, I need to get round to doing a few more of those posts.

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    Just finished up a few projects recently. Here is a short 3 page story i inked this myself as well. written by Marco Lopez

    you can read the full story here on Marcos website

    i also did another 1 page short written by Marco

    and heres a sneak peak at another comic im working on, probably about 40 or so pages in now. this was a rough for a page but we ended up not using it for pacing reasons

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