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Thread: J's - This that and the other

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    Smoke Signals B&W

    Thanks I did that for the WSG on this site. Need to get back to participating when I clear my plate.
    I'll give the bearded men trying to take over the world a rest, for now.

    4th one in the series. Colors next

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    you've got a really cool style, Jay. I love the colours in the pathfinder piece.
    excellent atmosphere and sense of time and place.

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    6 O'Clock blues

    Hey thank you Mike, just saw your comment now. Wish there was a way to get a email notification when someone responds to a thread.

    Forecast in the high 90's with a chance of fallout

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    nti47wip DONE

    10 more to go, whew

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    These are the bad guys(note swarthy complexion and beards)

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    Hey, you got some great work in here! I really like the "staring" picture. And there is loads of great expression and energy in teh figures in the last piece (Black Friday? :-) )

    DA page

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    nti64 pt1 wip

    Many thanks for the comments, Einar. Really like the direction your work is heading in.
    Panic over nuclear fallout, is the cause of the ruckus.

    1st half of a 2pg spread

    Don't you just feel a whole lot safer?
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