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Thread: J's - This that and the other

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    A WIP for another strip

    Hey, that rhymes

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    You do some amazing work! I wish you'd post more.
    Check out my PJ Art bloggity!! Aqui

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    "It's better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing perfectly." - I don't know

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    Hey thanks for the comments, fellas Ratcrack I got a bunch of illos I'm working on, will post soon as a I complete them, thanks.
    Was fun challenge trying to draw a Kirbyesque monster. The author wants his name off it until we have more in the can. Comic artist get to draw everything under the sun and beyond.

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    I really like your style. You have some nice work in here.
    Deviant art page:

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    Morse Code INKS

    Thanks man Guess some semblance of a style is emerging, finally.

    Colors next.

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    Nti 06 07

    Thank you Aaron

    2 more done for the nuclear Nuclear Threat Initiative. Before anyone says it, yes, there is a fear mongering element to it. A bit more photo reference then my usual stuff.

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    really great stuff here! looking forward to more! that red monika is fantastic!


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