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Thread: Colorist/Cover Artist

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    Professional colorist/Cover Artist

    Hey guys! my name is Fahriza,

    I'm an experienced comic book colorist with ability to adapt with various style , I'm able to meet deadlines, responsible, Flexible , and committed to every project, I'm also experienced in working on
    Top Cow and Image comics such as Witchblade and Mind the gap.

    Recently, I did colors for Batman Superman Annual and Deathstroke by DC could check my portfolio gallery at

    my comicvine is

    my rate is very negotiable through paypal

    you could contact me at fahrizakp at

    Thank you for your consideration.
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    Some of my samples

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    Bump Bump , anyone interested?

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    Bump bump, anyone who need me?

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    Some new pages, My rates is very negotiable =) , check out my complete portfolio at

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    Bump! Bump! My rate is very negotiable =)

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    Just did some jobs for some Independent comic clients.

    Bump! Bump! my rates is very negotiable.

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    Bump! Bump! my rates is very negotiable, contact me at !

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    Quote Originally Posted by fahrizakp View Post
    Bump! Bump! my rates is very negotiable, contact me at !
    Sent you an email. Please give me your rates. check your junkbox if you dont see it.

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    I'm available right now, Shoot me any offer

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