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Thread: The Owl Tribe comic project

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    Agree with the foreshortening comment above. One or two of the hands look a bit wonky but nothing major. Past that - I love the look of these - the color palette and they way they're rendered. Nice stuff.
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    Are you using pictures of Natives to bring some ethnic look to your characters? Just wondering.
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    Yes. I have a pretty extensive visual library on the subject :-)

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    Cant tell if its digital or traditional?

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    It's both. I draw with pencil on bristol and colour the stuff digitally.

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    Old Viho from The Owl Tribe.

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    I absolutely love the anatomy. I'd much rather look at this than the same story drawn with super-hero physiques.

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    Thank you, Lord Kancho. I appreciate your comment very much. I'm doing my best to avoid any super-hero traits in my characters.

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    It's been awhile, hasn't it? In that time, I completed the colouring of the next batch of #TheOwlTribe pages... so here is page 6.


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