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Thread: The Owl Tribe comic project

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    Hey Lukaz, congratulations for pulling this off! Especially the coloring marathon! Kudos, friend, kudos!
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    Well, I'm happy to announce that my comic project is nearing completion after two years in the making! The Owl Tribe is a history-based adventure story with fantastic elements. Set in pre-columbian America, it tracks the story of a native-raised Viking encountering whole lot of problems - some violent, some not :-)

    With all 56 pages drawn and colored and the text being edited, I'm prepping for the KickStarter launch next month.

    If you feel like that's a book that might interest you and missing it would be too bad, please consider signing up to my newsletter HERE or via Facebook... Cheers!

    And here's some recent art:

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    I really like the style of your art, especially that pop of red you use, it stands out quite well.
    I hope the story will be as much interesting as your art is beautiful


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    Thanks, Nathan!

    Here's a poster I've made recently - it will be a reward in the upcoming crowdfunding.
    Join TheOwlTribe here so you don't miss it ;-)

    Check out the process video here:

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    Well, TheOwlTribe is about to be released in French. Here's a quick flip-through of the pre-print copy:

    I'm working on prepping the KS campaign now so it's a busy time. If you'd like to keep your finger on the pulse, sign up here.

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    A bunch of artworks I made for my book...

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    It has finally started! The funding for #TheOwlTribe English version is live.
    Full color graphic novel and additional content totalling at 100 pages. Check it out and share the news :-)

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    Very nice cover! The legs on the white bear creature look a little odd, but the linework, composition and coloring for the entire piece really win me over.


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