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    This week's sketches. The latter half of the week was spent preparing for my Pummel Street Fight with sacredbob. I did not do a good job at drawing shapes, as OrphanGrinder suggested I should

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    Some stuff related to my Pummel Street Fight with sacredbob. I was a bit disappointed with myself that I didn't leave myself enough time for a background again, but I really wanted to practice inking and colouring, and knew I would be murdered in the PSF if I didn't show with inks and colours, given that sacredbob always does that.

    There are a few glaring errors in the final piece in the cold light of day, such as the smoke/dust under Sheik being completely wrong from a perspective point-of-view, which I think largely came from drawing for an extended stretch of 7 or 8 hours with only short breaks. The bike took me ages, and you can tell in places where my work on the perspective started to fall apart, but I'm glad I tried. I was also very happy that Wario looks almost on-model. I think Sheik's pose works nicely from a dynamism sense, but the shoulder area is a bit of a mess, which I couldn't suss out even with lots of replication in the mirror.

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    Light Lass for WSG #378, and my August Pummel entry.

    I wasn't thrilled with my Pummel entry, and New Men was obscure enough that I was never all that confident I completely knew what their normal costumes looked like. I thought the face of Reign in the front came out pretty well, and there was a decent sense of energy to some of the image. The composition was also ok, although Exit exiting the portal isn't great. The truth is that I felt little enthusiasm for the topic, and came close to churning out something that wasn't properly finished, especially after starting out with a very poor underdrawing. After seeing Skullone's piece I spent four or five hours trying to add a level of polish to the piece, but really I should have fixed the crappy drawing I started out with and built from there. I definitely learned some lessons on this one.
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    Catchup on my commute sketches, from reference photos as always. I didn't get a seat for most of last week

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    Hey, you did the shape drawing I suggested! Keep it up -- volume is key to really getting it into your fingers.

    Love the Wario/Sheik picture! Great simple, striking composition, with good negative space. I woulda brought Wario's waving fist away from his face just a bit, for a stronger outline.

    Is that Lara Flynn Boyle?

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    The actress is Milla Jovovich, but I see what you mean; not the best likeness I've ever done. I'm working on constructing the face via the Loomis method and then building features on top, but for whatever reason I always end up needing to do a host of work on the nose and mouth area. You're right about the shapes.

    I think part of the issue is I tend to end up drawing what I find interesting, rather than what will help me improve, but I will try to draw shapes a little more often, as well as improve my grasp of perspective! I really need to do a good background for Pummel this month. Only managed one drawing today:

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    An unfinished sketch from reference. Today's trains were shaky as hell, so didn't get as much done as I would have liked.

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    Another from reference:

    I need to dig up some good references for Wild West Saloons and towns, but so far haven't found much good stuff.
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    More sketches from reference, some of these done on the plane, which shakes a lot less than the train.

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    A Chun-Li for Weekly Sketch Group #380. The right arm is in a very awkward position, and the right leg is too long. I think the face is okay though.

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