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    More sketches I did of Magneto, but this time based on photographs of myself standing on a chair, as per the suggestion to draw from reference. In general, it was a lot easier to draw from that with tweaks e.g. beefing up the arms, even though in some cases I struggled to believe the relative sizes, especially for the arms. I tried not to make Magneto too buff, as it always seems strange to me that an intellectual man who has the power to lift things with his mutant power would have the body of a wrestler.

    Also included are a couple of steps on the way to the finished piece, which shows my lack of planning as he went off the edge of the page (which I decided to fix in Photoshop). The finish was a little rushed, in part due to the collapse of the UK west coast rail system, so I didn't ink it as I wanted.

    The bullet is a fairly feeble attempt at trying to add something else to the image, and give Magneto a reason to look down. I was happy with how the magnetism effect worked from his left hand, and although a few things went awry in the end, such as his cape and hand occupying the same space, and the shading being a little messy, it's not the worst Pummel piece I've produced. The colours came out pretty well in the end, as I am learning that I don't have to use the entire Photoshop palette.

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    Here's some sketches from whenever I manage to get a seat on the train. With an A5 sketchpad and references on my mobile phone, it tends to exacerbate my tendency to draw too small.

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    More sketches from reference on my commute. Drawing on A5 paper on a shaking train isn't always ideal for finer detail, so I tried a bit too much in these. The little rubber feet on the seat trays rub off something rotten on the paper as well, which is a pain when I use both sides of the paper

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    Today's sketches from reference, again done on the daily commute. This time I referenced Bruce Lee and Michael Milon, but didn't get as far as I liked. Added a little to the Michael Milon sketch at home.

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    I wanted to draw some wildlife, so here's a tree frog, as well as a couple more martial artists. All took around 30 minutes, which is the length of my train journey. Also included, in the spoiler tags, is an image from my life drawing class. It was A3, so I had to take a photo (if anyone can tell me how to hide it behind a button to hide the last one, please let me know!).

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    And a Juggernaut for Weekly Sketch Group #374.

    I really struggled with the back arm and leg, and it ended up pretty messy in places, but at least I got something in for the WSG this week.

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    I used my Juggernaut for some inking practice, and a couple more sketches from reference (Sheik from a Smash Bros screenshot, the other from

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    More sketches from reference, plus a life class drawing (which I had to photograph as it was drawn on A3 paper, and didn't know how to easily fix it in Photoshop).
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    Nice sketches! You're doing the right kind of stuff to steadily improve. What are your goals as an artist?

    I don't see much in the way of perspective work. I want to recommend that you spend some time drawing 3d shapes. Cubes, cylinders, spheres, eggs, cones. Really simple, just lines. Draw hundreds of them. Freehand, no rulers. Transparent, opaque, gridded, striped, whatever. Try to push them into perspective, get them relate to each other. Make them rotate in space. Just play with them and get really comfortable.

    I mean stuff like this:
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    You're right, of course. When it comes down to it, I often start off drawing bodies and whatnot with the intention of making things into simple shapes and then building, but too often it degenerates into what I do in life drawing class, which is relating the angles of all the lines I see into something like a person. If I get a seat, tomorrow's commute will be all about the shapes

    Too often the background is an afterthought for me, and half of it is that once the perspective turns into something that takes effort I start winging it halfway through. Already I'm thinking I might not have time for the background in the PSF I signed up to this month.

    Funnily enough, I've been a lot better at practicing since I dropped any pretense of goals; it's made it more fun (although I now log my time spent, which is admittedly weird). Which is a roundabout way of saying I like making things, and getting (slowly) better at it, but that's it. Improvement is the only goal, but maybe I'm going about things in too scattergun a way.

    Maybe a cartoon in Private Eye (a British satirical magazine) would be nice?

    Couple of sketches from reference from today. In the second, I failed to convey the bent legs very well, which makes it look like he has very short legs.

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