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Thread: GullyFoyle Sketch Blog

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    I have very little time at the moment, but had a little time to sketch Greta Garbo. Because I'm not that familiar with her look, I'm unsure how good a likeness I've captured.

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    Not had much time recently, but managed a couple of bits:

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    These last three look really good, I'd say your Garbo is right on the money. The boxer looks a little stiff, though. I'd suggest exaggerating his movement and muscles just a little bit.

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    Chris, thanks for taking the time to comment. I agree with the comment about the stiffness, and I should work on gestures and action more. Even worse is that's supposed to be a woman!

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    Considering I've had a reasonable amount of free time recently, I haven't drawn nearly enough. Here's a bit of a catchup of some Pummel pieces and recent(ish) sketches.

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    Hey Gully, I like your sketchbook. There's a definite improvement from page 1 on. A lot of your proportions are pretty good and your reference drawings have been getting nicer and nicer.
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