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Thread: GullyFoyle Sketch Blog

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    GullyFoyle Sketch Blog

    Any tips or crits welcome!

    Spent time today learning how to make animated gifs rather than actually drawing:

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    Selected sketches from the May 2014 London Drink and Draw organised by Beastie: a gender-swapped character; redesign The Flash; cyborg version of a character.

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    Head sketches from reference, replete with inking errors.

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    Pikmin Pummel entry from a scan, rather than the photo I had to submit.

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    Drawing from life class:
    Unfortunately, in life drawing class the majority of it is in A3 or bigger, and given my current quality it's too much effort to scan them in.

    Some actress portraits from reference:

    Symmetry is still occasionally a problem, but at least with the mirror trick it's more obvious to me. Choosing good reference pictures is half the challenge, and I'm not sure I always succeed. Another problem is my tendency to smudge the pencil.
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    Hands from reference, as well as a drawing of my own hand. I tried out a few different ways of shading here, with the aim of getting better at using hatching, but somehow I never get it quite right. Some of the doodles are tests with holding the pencil a different way (!)

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    Magneto sketches, in preparation for PencilJack Pummel July 2014. First page is mainly copies from Jim Lee's X-Men, to learn the costume. Second page is trying out the kind of pose I want. The upper half is largely settled, but somehow can't decide what to do with the legs. I want a straight pose, to sell that he's in control, but I am trying to keep it interesting at the same time.

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    some nice work here! love your version of the flash! ha! You did a decent job replicating jim lee's rendering of magneto so i would recommend looking at more reference in order to figure out the pose. at the moment it looks like he's being lifted up by some one else so maybe try tilting the head forward more and bringing the arms up with the palms out to show more of the control you want him to have!
    Looking forward to more of your stuff man!

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    There's a very clear improvement in your face sketches! Awesome work.

    With your Magneto pic, what's going to be happening in the 'bigger picture'? Is he just floating? Or will he be repelling gunfire? Or lifting something?
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    Thanks for taking the time to leave comments. The plan for the image is essentially dependent on how much time I can get in before now and the deadline, which isn't helped by National Rail on the way home.

    If it looks like I'm short of time, it'll just be an floating Magneto with some force lines, but inked. If there's enough time my ideal was to have some disassembled military hardware around him, say bits of tanks, military trucks, guns, whatnot. Thing is, I haven't done much referencing on that sort of thing, nor is my drawing of geometric objects all that great.

    I didn't plan on showing the ground in the background, which might mean that I'm more ambitious with the angle of Magneto i.e. looking up. I'm going to try and see if I can work out how to take a timed photo for the reference. Tilting the head forward is the way to go, it seems, and even though you can't see it clearly in the sketches I'd kind of played around with the head angle, and forward looks better. I think I need to make the legs more vertical, and then have the back arc back a little, and widen the arm gesture to something a little grander.

    On the plus side, I'm trying to overcome my self-consciousness when it comes to drawing in public, so today on the train managed to produce something. I never realised how much trains shook as part of a normal journey until today!

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