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Thread: House of Stoats

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    House of Stoats

    decided to bite the bullet and Start a Sketch Blog with aim of pushing me to keep that Pencil Busy and hopefully facilitate some development.hoping to try and progress with my pencils.
    Any and All input is more than welcome.

    Have Had a week away and managed to get some time down in the sketchbook.
    1st up Hulk giving the thing one of his old school backhanders.(Don't worry Ben is loading one up.)

    Quickie Quicksilver


    Quick Hulk

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    welcome aboard, stoat.
    you got some great stuff here. there are a few anatomy issues
    to work on which would make your work that much stronger, but on
    the positive side, i think you have a good sense of composition and a
    lot of energy in your poses and layout.
    i really like the x-men piece and the way you laid out the Thing/Hulk
    scrap looks really cool. hope to see lots more.

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    Cheers MJames, Thanks for the comments ,my figure work is one of the main things I'm hoping to improve ( along with everything else)
    Here's Hercules vs inhumans, epic fail on medusa's hair

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    Found these old sketches from around xmas,was playing around with Character designs for an oc:Furious Thunder Ghost:

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    avengers doodle today. in two minds whether to persevere with this.

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    Good work, Stoats--stick with that Avengers work!

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    Some updates:

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    My Dredd pages from June which are my first attempts at sequentials:

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    Kraven vs Spidey for WSG

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    I super like what I see. You have a old school vibe that is very ispiring. I love your way of drawing Hulk, so Kirby-sh first age.

    Keep up the very good work man


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