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Thread: Huerta Art

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    Huerta Art

    I'm curious about what you guys think

    I don't get much feedback on my sequential work so just trying to improve on anything I can

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    I like the draftsmanship in each individual panel, Huerta, but it's a bit hard to tell what is happening in terms of story-telling. Each panel seems either like a close-up or an extreme-closeup, and I really like the dark inks and artistic style, but I'm not sure there is enough room in each panel to include a lot of text or speech-balloons? Without a bit more context or extra pages it's hard to make a judgement about what I'm seeing.

    Look forward to seeing more of your sequential work, though!
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    I don't know whats going on there but it sure looks good. Maybe if I saw the page before or after this one I could give a better explanation! It still looks great..

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    was this done in Manga Studio?

    I love the art, but its hard to follow right out. Though its full of energy!

    Love the MAD influences, so awesome

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    Thanks guys.

    I see your point on it being busy and kind of hard to read but I know colors, especially with this style, always make things read clearer. And no on the manga studio, I only ink with Sharpies. I use sharpies because it gives me an uneven line that also bleeds on certain areas. It gives the art a more "raw" feeling, because everyone and their mom is into inking perfectly with clean lines and I want my stuff to stick out from the rest.

    Here are the 3 pages before this one

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    Are you going to be coloring this? I like the how energetic these pages read.
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    No colors from me.

    I'm pretty picky when it comes to colors so I hope its someone who understands the style I'm using.
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    Has anyone ever had that thing where you see something and you're like, "I must read this!"? That's what this is like for me.

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    I love the detail. Its very explosive! Esp on the second page

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    I really admire your eye for detail
    Your work reminds me of an artist back in the 70's Alex Nino ( comes to mind..)


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