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  • Huh? Comics never mattered to begin with!

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  • Yes, Comics are a vibrant and important entertainment medium!

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  • No, Comics are just floppy little pamphlets with pretty pictures

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  • No, Comics are only useful as movie script pitches WE have to pay for

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  • Comics don't HAVE to matter! Just enjoy them!

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Thread: Do comics matter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shanny8 View Post
    In this day and age, there is a lot more out there than just the big two. It kicks me how far these companies have fallen, and are SO out of touch with...anything for that matter. The only reason I read X-Men in the late 90s was because of Joe Mad's work- the stories were crappy...after he bounced for Battle Chasers, I stopped picking up Marvel titles(the only DC titles I read back then were Ed McGuinness on Superman & Simonson on Orion). After years of being away from comics, I come back to see that the market was even worse than before I stopped reading them. I've just grown tired of that "little" gimmick they do almost every year or every other year where they quote/unquote "create an epic event that will change the Marvel/DC universe forvever"- only to not really be changed worth a damn. Or the crap @$$ed writers that script these books pluck contingincies and lost storylines from the 70's(I swear I'm so tired of the Phoenix plot running running through the X-Men stories...die bitch, already!).
    Agreed, I pretty much dumped the big two during the Image revolution in the 90's.
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    comics being my first mode of entertainment, yes, Comics still matter a lot for me..

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    Comics are important because they are there many decades ago and they still never fail to entertain the masses. With technology all around us, comics makes us down-to-earth in a way.

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    Of course comics matter! It's one of the earliest forms of entertainment so yes, it is important.

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    Superhero matters...comics don't.

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    Yes, I think reading comics does matter a lot ,if we are not getting addicted to it. I like reading comics and I think it enhances the reading ability in us at the same time it is one of the great source of entertainment. Reading comics also improves our imaginative power.

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    I wish I could select two answers for this, because I think that two of them are true and not mutually exclusive.

    "Yes, Comics are a vibrant and important entertainment medium!" and "Comics don't HAVE to matter! Just enjoy them!"

    Not all comics have to matter, they can be just fun stories, but that doesn't change the fact that they can be a powerful and important medium that speaks to many people. It all depends on the purposes of the creator and either one is perfectly valid.

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    For me they really matter... They matter a lot!

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    Comics were created to not matter. They were meant to be enjoyed for a little while and disposed of afterwards.

    Comics were looked down on and frowned upon for decades.

    It was created for children and meant to be left behind as adults.

    Thankfully, some readers had other ideas.
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